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Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet Racking is the mainstay of our range and we have designed and built some of the largest installations in the country. These include a 44000 pallet rack location racking installation for 99P Stores and a 1 million box archive for TNT.

We design all types of racking using our own pallet racking optimisation program which enables us to quote even the largest jobs, fast and accurately. We can custom design to suit your application for the racking of pallets or multi-tiered archive storage facilities. making maximum use of your space. We do not sell cheap systems because repairs can cost more than the original installation, but we are rarely beaten in a like for like cost as we optimise the product design for the very best deal.

Pallet rack frames and beams can be manufactured to any height or length, and numerous accessories and options are available from our own factory at very competitive prices. If space allows you may wish to maximise the length of beams to increase pick speed and flexibility these are the sort of things we consider as standard. This is possible because we buy and manufacture in the UK so every job is made to order to exacting standards. Importers struggle to offer this service as they have to rely on standard variants which may have been shipped weeks or months earlier.

All installations are by SEIRS qualified installers, as required by the Health and Safety Executive and SEMA.

Our Designers include people experienced in warehousing and logistics management, as well as Production Engineering. We are not salesmen, we are specialists; offering solutions that will optimise your warehouse engineering, giving long term benefits, improve cube utilisation, minimise maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency.  

Types of Pallet Rack System

adjustable pallet racking

Adjustable Pallet Racking

The most popular form of storage for palletised loads, widely specified in virtually every industry and easily adaptable to the vast range of products that need to be stored.

Adjustable pallet racking information budget price for pallet rackingbudget price for pallet racking

narrow aisle pallet racking

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Through the use of specialist handling equipment, the operating aisle between racking faces can be greatly reduced, thereby increasing the density of storage to utilise floor area and building height more efficiently.

Narrow aisle pallet racking information budget price for Narrow aisle racking systems


double deep pallet racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Based on the concept of wide aisle adjustable beam pallet racking, this system offers greater pallet storage density by eliminating a number of truck aisles and moving together back to back bays to give access to 4 pallets per side.

double deep pallet racking information budget price for double deep pallet racking

pallet live racking

Pallet Live Racking

This system works on a first in first out basis (F.I.F.O) with one face used for feeding goods and the other for picking.

pallet live racking information Pallet live racking budget price

push back racking

Push Back Racking

Pallets are loaded in sequence onto wheeled carriers which are 'pushed back' on inclined steel channels.

Push back racking information budget price for push back racking

drive in pallet racking

Drive In and drive through Pallet Racking

Other than block stacking pallets there is no other, more effective, palletised storage method at using both floor space and cubic capacity.

drive in and drive through pallet racking information budget price for drive in and drive through pallet racking

powered and mobile

Powered Mobile Pallet Racking

Mounting the racking onto mobile bases can condense existing storage space to provide more storage in areas where space is limited.

mobile and powered pallet racking information budget price for powered and mobile pallet racking

multi tier pallet racking

Multi Tier Pallet Racking

A raised storage platform using adjustable pallet racks makes good use of a building headroom and ensures increased capacity, particularly for garment storage, archive stores and other manually picked operations.

multi tier pallet racking for archive storage and garment handling budget price for multi tier pallet racking

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